Q: What is this? What are you all about?

This is Oak Tea Comics! We are a team of two, artist and co-writers. We draw and write comics; we currently working on our first story, Hüman. The idea to start a comic started back in 2005 when the two of us first met, now here we are almost 15 years later with our story to share.

Q: When do you post/update your comics?

Twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Each update will give a chunk of the current issue.

Q: Where can I follow you, see more art and find updates?

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more frequent communication. We will also post updates on our website’s home page regarding all things

Q: How can I get in contact with you?

If you’d like to reach out to us directly, you can tweet, send us an email at oaktea.comics@gmail.com or become a patron and chat with us on our Discord server.