War is over. 33 years ago, the last infantryman returned home, and the last open battlefield fell quiet. In the time since, the world’s nations have quarreled in the shadows, a game of assassination and subterfuge that valued the individual over the multitude, a scalpel to the hacksaw of the past. Thomas Milisant is the fruit of this mindset, engineered to be the perfect soldier. It is the only life he has ever known. That is about to change.

City C-27 is the cultural capital of Eagland, seat of its largest corporations and home of its greatest opportunities. In a new world of luxury and industry, Thomas finds little and less in common with those around him. Praised as the nation’s soldier-hero and set to join the local police force, Thomas is faced with a near-utopian society where the conflicts don’t fall down to a set of orders.

*Hüman deals in themes of suicide, ptsd, familial abuse and visceral trauma. Viewer discretion is advised.*